Conference Attendees:

Getting to Know You

Thank you for participating in the 2024 Conference! Given the number of Agenda items and the increase in Conference attendees, the Agenda Committee decided to save time by using this form rather than having each attendee introduce themselves during the Conference. In addition to helping us get to know each other, this form may be used as a reference point during the 3rd Legacy Procedure Trustee elections. While virtual Conferences have allowed a larger number of attendees it has also created concern that only the more active and verbal participants have a chance to be known by the Conference Body. We hope that in providing a format for the basic information about potential candidates’ service history a well-informed and fair 3rd Legacy Procedure will be possible. Please complete this form by May 24, 2024. If you have questions contact the Conferences & Conventions Trustee [email protected]

In the spirit of the Third Legacy procedure, any active campaigning will be removed, at the discretion of the Conference Agenda Committee.

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Within the following fields avoid active campaigning by humbly sharing only the basics of your service history.

Example: Secretary/Chair, GSR, Chips, Literature, Meeting Treasurer, etc.
Example: District Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, GSR, District Committee Chair, District Committee Member, etc.
Example: Conference Delegate, MAWS or ANLP Board Member, MAWS Committee Member. If you participated on a World Service committee, please identify which you served on.
Although not required to be on the Board of Trustees, it would be useful to know if you have any of the following skills: accountant, lawyer, event planning, bookkeeping, non-profit management experience, or any other work or volunteer experience relevant to serving on the Board of Trustees (see https://marijuana-anonymous.org/service/world-service/ for a description of each role on the Board of Trustees.)
Example: Accountability partner, Sponsorship, etc.