Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024

Future Conferences

MAWS will be responsible for:

  • Electing a Conference Chair person. It is suggested the Conference Chair person have at least one year clean and sober, defined as abstinence from marijuana, alcohol, and all other mind altering substances.
  • Trustee transportation to and from hosting city
  • Agenda 90 days prior to conference
  • Trustee housing expenses, coordinating with the host district
  • Working with the Host District, as necessary, to obtain Liability Insurance for the event.
  • Goal is for MAWS to become fully self supporting in financial responsibility of sending their Trustees to the World Services conference (including; housing, food and transportation)

HOST DISTRICT will be responsible for:

  • Transportation to and from meetings for conference members
  • Information packet including ; map, hotel, restaurant, etc., to be sent to Delegates prior to conference
  • Make available report gathering instruments, such as copy machines etc.
  • Provide beverages for meetings and breaks during conference
  • Planning of breakfast and lunch for conference members, information be sent to Delegates and Trustees prior to conference
  • Obtaining Liability Insurance for the event, naming MAWS, Inc. as an Insured or Additional Insured.

HOME DISTRICT will be responsible for:

  • Delegates’ transportation to and from host city
  • Coordination for delegate housing with host district
  • Goal; for home district to become fully self supporting in the financial responsibility of sending their delegates to the conference (including; housing, food, and transportation)