Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2023

The Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference is the forum at which group conscience throughout MA is expressed and decisions are made that affect MA as a whole. The Conference is also where much of MA World Service work is performed and is required by our Bylaws and to maintain our non-profit status. Trustees and Committee Chairs are selected at the Conference. The Conference also provides the opportunity to meet MA members from other districts and share experience, strength, and hope. This sharing provides the unity that binds all members to our common purpose

Important Dates:

January 15, 2023: Deadline to Submit an Agenda item to Agenda the Committee

January – February 2023: DSCs/RSCs hold Delegate/non-voting regional representatives, and an alternate(s) Elections — Two Delegates and Alternate(s)

February 25, 2023: Agenda packets will be distributed— 90 days prior to Conference

March 1, 2023: Conference Registration Opens — Participating Observers, Delegates, and Trustees Register now

May 13-24, 2023: Conference Attendee Training Sessions — Attendance to at least one training session is required for all Conference Attendees

May 1, 2023: Conference Registration Closes

May 26-29, 2023: MAWS Conference — Held via Zoom (Fellowship-wide Vote Results announced)