Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024

Obtaining Conference Approval

The term “Work” is defined as any artistic work or composition including, but not limited to, text, graphics, audio and/or video.

The term “Conference Approved” is defined as approval of a Work for publication and distribution. This term shall usually be followed by a noun or noun phrase (such as Literature, Tape Audio PSA, Video PSA, etc.) that appropriately describes the media associated with the Work and/or the intended purpose of the Work.

The term “Conference Approval” is defined as the process of considering whether a particular Work ought to be “Conference Approved”.

In order for any work to be considered for voting as Conference Approved it must be presented in its entirety to the conference. If further editing of the Work is deemed to be appropriate, the motion to seek Conference Approval shall be either withdrawn of tabled until such time as the edits have been completed and the revised version of the Work becomes available in its entirety.

The term “Work in Process” is defined as any Work that has been conceived, drafted, revised, or completed, but has not been Conference Approved.

With the exception of Conference Approval, the Conference may consider and make any other decision (such as planning, funding, and editing) regarding a Work in Process without the Work In Process being available in its entirety.

All editions of “LIFE WITH HOPE, A Return to Living Through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous” must be ‘Conference Approved’ prior to publication.