Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024

Participating Observers

Any member of MA may register to attend the Conference regardless of the length of their sobriety time. Participating Observers (Observers) are non-voting members of the Conference with an interest in service and a desire to learn more about MA as a whole. Observers often serve as liaisons to their home group, especially when the group/meeting isn’t part of a District.

The Conference Body is comprised of Participating Observers, Delegates, Trustees, Special Workers, and Volunteers. Each District elects up to 2 Delegates and there are currently 13 MA World Services Trustees. Observers help to expand the Conference Body, ensuring the inclusion of diverse voices from our fellowship that may otherwise go unheard. They act as Service Ambassadors by sharing information, MA announcements, and service opportunities throughout the fellowship.

Attending the Conference as an Observer is recommended for members invested in particular agenda items and/or those only capable of attending a portion of the Conference. Anyone with an interest in experiencing and learning more about Marijuana Anonymous World Services is encouraged to attend as a Participating Observer.

Preparing for the Conference

90 days before the Conference, registration opens and Agenda Packets are distributed. Learn more about the Agenda Packet and Schedule. After reviewing the Agenda Items, Service Ambassadors can help to share this information with their home groups as the matters being discussed at the Conference are those which affect MA as a whole.

All Conference registrants are required to attend a Conference training session, unless they have previous experience attending the Conference virtually. When preparing to attend the training session, you may want to review the proposed Conference Standing Rules so that you will be prepared to ask questions and gain clarity on anything during the training. The Standing Rules help maintain order and assist us to conduct Conference business in an orderly and fair way.

Advice During the Conference

Observers may not vote at the Conference, but are invited and welcome to participate in every other way. This includes:

  • Consider motions made by individuals and committees for changes to our Bylaws, Literature, and Service Manual. Observers can move, second, and debate motions (see Standing Rules)
  • Share information during the District Reports about groups and meetings that are not represented by a District
  • Bring attention to fellowship-wide concerns or issues so that the Conference Body and World Services may begin to address them
  • Observe during Trustee Reports, learn more about the World Services Committees and projects, and ask any relevant questions
  • Join the MA World Services Committee breakout sessions to help set goals for the upcoming year, planting seeds for the future as we chart our course for the fellowship

Everyone who attends should be prepared to work in a cooperative and helpful manner. It is important to listen carefully and respectfully to differing opinions and tolerate fairness of debate.

The MA World Services corporate Bylaws require that Trustees have a minimum of two-years of sobriety, which means abstinence from marijuana and all mind-altering substances, including alcohol. Anyone who attends a substantial portion of the Conference and has the necessary sobriety requirement is eligible to be part of the Third Legacy elections to serve an initial term of two years on the Board of Trustees.

The Third Legacy Procedure is designed to remove issues of politics and prestige from the process of selecting persons to serve in service positions such as Trustee or Delegate. Those who participate in the Third Legacy Trustee Election will introduce themselves with a brief summary of their service history. Any interested and eligible member should not be intimidated if they haven’t done a lot of service, as we all grow through experience.

After the Conference and Throughout the Year

As Service Ambassador between MA World Services and the fellowship, Observers are invited and encouraged throughout the year to:

We are grateful for your service to the fellowship and society of MA.