Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024


Delegates represent their District during their service as liaison to MA World Services. All members of the District are eligible to be elected as Delegate as long as they meet the minimum one-year sobriety requirement. Sobriety for this Trusted Servant position is defined as abstinence from marijuana and all mind-altering substances, including alcohol.

Each District elects two Delegates and an Alternate Delegate. The term of office for Delegates is one year, and they may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Delegates should be elected at least 60 days prior to the Conference using the Third Legacy Procedure.

The Delegate serves as a voting member in the nonprofit corporation of Marijuana Anonymous World Services, Inc. The Delegate thus participates in decisions that are necessary for carrying out the business and legal affairs of MA voting on policies affecting MA as a whole and participating in the selection of Trustees. Delegates attend the MA World Service Conference and vote on all matters. The Delegate has an important responsibility to report the conscience of the groups which they represent during discussions and to vote utilizing their own independent judgment as a Conference participant informed by their District’s group conscience. Delegates should strive to place principles before personalities, adhering to the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts for Service.

Preparing for the Conference:

The Conference Agenda Committee hopes that this suggested guide will be helpful to ensure all tasks are achievable and can be done with ease.

  • 90 Days Prior:
    • Conference Registration Open
    • Agenda Packet is Distributed
  • ~ 60 Days Prior:
    • District holds Delegate Elections
    • Delegates and Service Sponsors meet to:
      • Discuss the Delegate District Report, respond to requested questions, and take note of any matters that need to be brought to the attention of the District.
      • Share the Agenda Packet for meetings to use in gathering group conscience on Agenda Items.
  • ~ 45 Days Prior:
    • Each meeting within the District can use the Agenda Packet to read each agenda item, discuss, and vote.
      • Depending on the number of agenda items reviewing them may take more than one session. We suggest reviewing 2-3 items per week.
  • ~ 30 Days Prior:
    • Present the Delegate District Report at the DSC for approval
    • All Conference registrants are required to attend a Conference training session, unless they have previous experience attending the Conference virtually. (Training date(s) will be selected during registration.)
    • Complete the Attendee “Getting to Know You” survey (optional)

Contact the Conferences & Conventions Trustee with any questions: [email protected]

Advice for During the Conference:

The Delegate should be prepared to work in a cooperative and helpful manner. They ought to listen carefully and respectfully to differing opinions and tolerate fairness of debate.

MA operates using the “Standing Rules” which is an abbreviated and modified set of rules based on Robert’s Rules of Order. The Delegate should read and understand these Standing Rules and be prepared to follow them.

Our corporate Bylaws require that Trustees have a minimum of two years of sobriety, which means abstinence from marijuana and all mind-altering substances, including alcohol. The Third Legacy Procedure is designed to remove issues of politics and prestige from the process of selecting persons to serve in service positions such as Trustee or Delegate.

Those who participate in the Third Legacy Trustee Election will introduce themselves with a brief summary of their service history. All eligible members grow through service and should not be concerned by the level of experience that they have in the MA service structure.

After the Conference and Throughout the Year

Delegates prepare a summary report on the Conference to present at the DSC and provide a copy of the final Conference report. The district should make this report available to all members.

As liaison between MA World Services and the District, Delegates are responsible for the following throughout the remainder of their term:

  • Participate regularly in World Services Committee(s)
  • Attend the District Service Committee meetings and report on the following:
    • Summarize the Trustee Board Meeting Minutes (which are emailed monthly)
      • Share the World Services quarterly financial report
    • Announce fellowship-wide activities such as events, workshops, and the annual Convention
  • Keep World Services informed and up to date:

Those who have previously attended the Conference are strongly encouraged to act as Service Sponsors to incoming Delegates, and as ambassadors for service to their District bringing awareness to opportunities at MA World Services.