Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2023

Schedule, Delegate, and Agenda Packets

UPDATE: Tuesday March 1, 2022: A link to the Proposed Living Every Day With Hope daily reflections book content was inadvertently omitted from the Delegate and Agenda packets. To read more about the book content, the process used to curate it, and how you can preview it click this link.
  • 2022 Conference Schedule
    • 3 pages with just the schedule including event times in three time-zones (Pacific, Eastern, GMT).
  • 2022 Conference Delegate Packet
    • Full-size 30 pages, contains resources that Delegates need to properly represent a District. Includes the Conference schedule, standing rules, agenda items, and supporting documents.
  • 2022 Conference Agenda Packet
    • Abridged 11 page version of the Delegate Packet with just a group conscience tally and details of each agenda item. This is ideal for sharing with Groups/Meetings by the Group Service Representative (GSR).