Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024

Conference Agenda

2024 Conference Agenda Packet:

Ninety (90) days before the Conference, the Agenda Packet is made available. The packet will be emailed to the previous year’s Delegates and general District emails. Anyone who registers for the Conference will automatically be emailed the packet and the link will be provided on this page as well.

How to use the Agenda Packet

The packet includes the Conference schedule, Agenda Items, Standing Rules, and supporting documents such as the Delegate Responsibilities which include the Delegate District Report instructions. The Agenda differs from the Schedule, which states the timeline in which each Agenda Item will be presented, discussed, and voted on.

Each Agenda Item is a proposed motion, and with it, you will find the Agenda Item Title, who is submitting the Agenda Item, a background which explains why this motion is being proposed and any origin/relevant history, and finally the proposed motion itself. Each Item has been reviewed by the Conference Agenda Committee, and if needed also contains a contextual statement.

Sample Agenda Item (For Demonstration Purposes Only):
TITLE: No cell phones at Conference General Session already!

SUBMITTED BY: John K., A Member of District 99

BACKGROUND/ORIGIN: The General Session is already tedious enough. Trying to figure out what’s meant by voting on moving the Previous Question of an Amendment to an Amendment of a Motion takes a lot of concentration. When someone’s cell phone goes off, it can break the whole flow of the Conference. Sure, we can ask people to turn them off, or set them to vibrate, but then there is always that temptation to sneak out your phone under the table and send a text. The only thing that’s going to work is forbidding them completely. Also, people always plug their phones in at any outlet they can find in the room, forgetting to put them on silent, so those using a laptop to take care of legitimate Conference business can’t keep their computers charged.


MOTION 1: At the General Session of the Conference, ALL cell phones must be turned off and surrendered to the quorum counter posted at the door.
MOTION 2: Any phones found alone and plugged into outlets around the room shall be confiscated and mailed back to the owner after the Conference if they can provide a complete and accurate description.