Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024


Each Delegate (or pair of Delegates) will submit a written report in advance of the Conference addressing any of the points outlined below that apply to your District.  Sharing information of your District’s experience is a valuable resource to other Districts and strengthens the entire Fellowship. Reports review the preceding year’s efforts to carry the MA message, challenges, opportunities and whatever else the members of the District feel that they want to share with the worldwide Fellowship. Delegates may find it helpful to review the District Reports from prior years. Reading reports from the various Districts will provide ideas about what you may want to include.


Delegate District Report

Please respond to all applicable questions:


  • Have any new meetings opened, and if so, what type (such as, in-person/online/hybrid)
  • Have any existing meetings closed in your District, if so, why?
  • Are all of the District’s meeting listings accurate within the World Service Meeting Finder? 


  • How does your District use 7th Tradition to carry the message? (e.g. reach the addict who still suffers, and help your District grow? 
  • What does your DSC service structure look like, are all the positions filled, and what are they?
  • Does your District have any committees? (such as Hospitals & Institutions, Public Information, Correspondence, Newcomer Support)
  • What initiatives have your committees done that they are most proud of?
  • How does the District communicate between DSC meetings? 


  • What has your District done to encourage members to sponsor?
  • What ideas do you have about how to motivate members to contribute service and time to the meeting, district, and/or world levels?
  • Are there any additional ideas or challenges that your District would like to share?

Reports are due May 22nd

Link to Delegate(s) Reports Submission folder or email your report to the MAWS Conference Agenda Committee

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines, and thank you for all the work you have done and will be doing to make the MAWS Conference a success.

If you have any questions at all about District Reports or the submission process, feel free to email the Conferences & Conventions Trustee