Marijuana Anonymous Conference 2024


The Conference Body is comprised of Participating Observers, Delegates, Trustees, and Special Workers. To increase transparency, participation, and in the spirit of unity, the Conference shall be held online by default to ensure accessibility for members throughout our worldwide fellowship.

  • Delegates are selected (see more)
  • Review the Agenda Packet (sent 90 days prior to the Conference)
  • Discuss the Agenda Items at Meetings, within Groups and at your Districts

The Agenda Packet is distributed 90 days prior to the start of the Conference. This packet contains all of this year’s agenda items

Any MA member, District, can participate in writing an agenda itme

Discussions begin

reports given from districts, trustees and committees

Delegates serve as the link between what happens at the local District-level and at World Services. Learn more about Delegate Responsibilities

The Benefits of Participating

Exchanging of Ideas

The Conference also provides the opportunity to meet MA members from other districts and share experience, strength, and hope.

This sharing provides the unity that binds all members to our common purpose. We come together to offer our experience, strength, and hope,

An integral purpose is strengthening our unity