Delegate Responsibilities

The Delegate's primary responsibility is to serve as liaison between the District and MAWS throughout the year that begins with each Conference. This begins with Delegates attending the MAWS Conference and voting on all matters that are to be decided according to the conscience of the District's groups. The Delegate votes on policies affecting MA as a whole and participates in the selection of Trustees and Service Committee chairs.

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Electing Delegates

Each district elects two Delegates and an alternate(s) whose primary responsibility is to represent the conscience of the district's groups to MA World Services. Delegates shall be elected by the Third Legacy Procedure. Delegates should be elected at least 90 days prior to the Conference to allow them sufficient time to become familiar with the Conference Agenda. Outgoing Delegates are strongly encouraged to act as "service sponsors" to the incoming Delegates.

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Delegate Reports

Delegates prepare a District Report for presentation at the Conference. Reports review the preceding year's efforts to carry the MA message, challenges, opportunities and whatever else the members of the District feel that they want to share with the worldwide Fellowship. District reports are included in the Conference Minutes and Delegates may find it helpful to review the minutes from prior years. Reading reports from the various Districts will provide ideas about what you may want to include.

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