Bylaws of MA World Services


a California Public Benefit Corporation



The name of this corporation shall be:





The principal office for the transaction of the business of the corporation ("principal executive office") is located in the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

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The Marijuana Anonymous World Services Conference

Marijuana Anonymous World Services holds its annual Conference in May each year. The location of the Conference is determined at the previous Conference. Guidelines for districts interested in hosting the conference are in place. [See Future Conferences]

The Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference is the forum at which group conscience throughout MA is expressed, and decisions are made that affect MA as a whole. The Conference is also where much of MAWS work is performed. Trustees and committee chairs are selected at the MAWS Conference. The Conference also provides the opportunity to meet MA members from other districts and share experience, strength and hope. This sharing provides the unity that binds all members to our common purpose.

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Guidelines for Future Conferences

MAWS will be responsible for:

  • Electing a Conference Chair person. It is suggested the Conference Chair person have at least one year clean and sober, defined as abstinence from marijuana, alcohol, and all other mind altering substances.
  • Trustee transportation to and from hosting city
  • Agenda 90 days prior to conference
  • Trustee housing expenses, coordinating with the host district
  • Working with the Host District, as necessary, to obtain Liability Insurance for the event.
  • Goal is for MAWS to become fully self supporting in financial responsibility of sending their Trustees to the World Services conference (including; housing, food and transportation)

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Conference Committees

Marijuana Anonymous World Services currently has eight Conference Committees: Literature, Hospitals and Institutions, Public Information, Policies and Procedures, Finance, Conferences and Conventions, Outreach and Internet. All Members are assigned to a Committee, except for the MAWS President who is an ex-officio member of all Committees. Members are expected to continue their Committee participation throughout the following year.

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Rules of Order

Standing Rules

Marijuana Anonymous World Services Conference of 2015

  1. Purpose

The Conference is the guardian of the Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous (MA), the perpetuators of the world services of our Society, and the voice of the group conscience of our entire Fellowship.

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Guidelines for Conference Motions Recommendations and Reports

MOTION: A proposal for action

Motions are brought to the floor, discussed, and voted on by the conference body in General Session. Committees may submit motions that arise out of their committee business. Items that generate great debate or have not been resolved by committees are often brought forward to the conference body. Districts and MA members may also submit motions for consideration by the Conference.

Examples of motions:

Motion to accept the 2004 MAWS budget as written.

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The Third Legacy Procedure

The Third Legacy Procedure is the method used for selection of Delegates and Trustees. The purpose of the special procedure is to eliminate, as much as possible, the role of personality, ego, and competition in the process of selection of Delegates and Trustees.

In the traditional electoral process, a candidate declares or is nominated for office and then actively campaigns for the position. The candidate invests an often considerable personal interest in obtaining the position. The successful candidate experiences ego gratification; the unsuccessful candidate experiences personal rejection.

For the recovering addicts in MA, the traditional electoral process is risky, and has the potential to damage the unity that is an important part of our recovery program. Our Third Legacy procedure removes, as much as possible, the elements of declaration and competition for our trusted servant office.

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Conference Approved Material

The term "Work" is defined as any artistic work or composition including, but not limited to, text, graphics, audio and/or video.

The term "Conference Approved" is defined as approval of a Work for publication and distribution. This term shall usually be followed by a noun or noun phrase (such as Literature, Tape Audio PSA, Video PSA, etc.) that appropriately describes the media associated with the Work and/or the intended purpose of the Work.

The term "Conference Approval" is defined as the process of considering whether a particular Work ought to be "Conference Approved".

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Conference Charter


The MA Conference Charter is a body of principles by which the MAWS Conference is guided. It provides for the means by which group conscience is taken, and the way in which decisions are made by MA as a whole.

The Conference Charter is not a legal instrument in the strictest sense. It is truly an informal agreement between the Society of MA as a whole and MAWS, setting forth the guidelines by which MAWS can best serve MA as a whole while maintaining MA's Twelve Traditions.

The Conference Charter is modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, and benefits from the experience of that organization. The Charter is an important and flexible set of principles that guide us in performing worldwide service. The Charter is nevertheless amendable to reflect new conditions and ideas.

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